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Soul Fire Ritual Candle

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We Have Had A Meditation Commissioned For You, Specifically Designed  Energize the seat of our Soul Fierw - Your Solar Plexus Chakra!Here’s the story. A close friend of ours, Marisa,...


We Have Had A Meditation Commissioned For You, Specifically Designed  Energize the seat of our Soul Fierw - Your Solar Plexus Chakra!

Here’s the story.

A close friend of ours, Marisa, happens to be an amazing spiritual channeller and gifted recording artist. Recently, we asked her to create a mediation JUST focused on healing the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the results were amazing!

Just imagine…

You sit down in your favorite, peaceful, “meditative space”...

You light your special ritual candle (more on that in a second :-)

You put on a pair of headphones, turn on your Chakra Healing meditation...

Feel yourself calming down, becoming centered, and beautiful warmth and wellbeing emanating out from middle of your body to the tips of your fingers, from the moment you close your eyes...

Knowing that not only will this feeling of strength, courage and purpose be with you in this moment…but lasting and staying with you in the days and weeks to come.

This amazing, wholly secure and stable sense of being is what we’ve experienced personally…

And it’s exactly what we want for you.

This is why...

We Have ALSO Commissioned The Making Of A Sacred Ritual Candle Designed, Energized, And ‘Finished’ For You, By Our Magikal Alchemists!

They dip and “set” these Soul Fire Ritual candles in a sacred space with all-natural essential oils, responsibly cultivated herbs, and healing gems...

Then, they wrap each individual candle with Yellow ribbon, and bless and cleanse each one, before lovingly packing them up and sending them off.

We want to send you two of these beautiful candles, but first, here’s just a bit more about you understand why they are so perfect for this mediation ritual:

They have bergamot essential oil, lemon balm, and chamomile for the herbs, and charged Tiger Eye gemstones at the base of the candle.

They are blessed with the energy and intention for healing and activating your Solar Plexus Chakra (the seat of your SOul Fire) to your highest and best good.

When used with intention and burned while doing the meditation the healing energy is amplified by the oils, the herbs, and the stones.

Now, you will receive your Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation in MP3 format, as an eco-friendly download.

HOWEVER your Sacred Candle will (obviously) need to be shipped to you physically in a box

That’s right...we will ask our Alchemists to pack your candle up for you and send it off directly, but please don’t wait too long!

The quantity is limited and we don’t know how long these hand-made candles will be in stock.

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