Sharing Ancient Cosmic Wisdom with a Modern Twist

Cosmic Curations is all about conscious creation and designing a life that nourishes our hearts bodies and souls. 

The whole thing started back around The Big Bang when The Cosmic Designer created the Universe. Fast-Forward a few thousand millennia and the Earth has advanced civilizations, the internet, and Online Shopping... Cool!

We started this site as a way to share cosmic wisdom in a fun creative way with people who like to wear their convictions on their sleeve, or around their neck, or on their living room wall… you get the idea ;-)!

Our goods are inspired mainly by ancient spiritual traditions, wisdom of the ages, and classical art with a modern twist. 

We strive to offer unique designs, handcrafted products, and deep wisdom that empowers, inspires, and helps to express each individual's journey and gifts they offer to the world.

Cosmic Curations is proudly part of The Cosmic Community of Healthy Wealthy nWise - a network of sites, researchers, authors, artists, coaches, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, and light workers creating transformational content, inspirational products, and sharing timeless ancient wisdom so that humanity continues to evolve and thrives in the field of all possibility.

Our curated collections of goods are sourced from around the world and brought directly to your door with love and the intention that they serve your highest and best good or those of the loved ones you are sharing them with.

The clothing designs we print are created right here on Earth (with a bit of cosmic fairy dust) from a blend of graphic design and illustration using eco-friendly water-based inks printed onto the softest tees and most comfortable garments we could find so you can be good to the planet and feel good at the same time.

We’re all about ‘waking up’ the world and evolving human consciousness one precious person at a time.

We look forward to seeing how the path unfolds and we hope you’ll join us on the journey!

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

Assistant Curator

Cosmic Curation Department
Office of Cosmic Design
Far Side of the Galaxy


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